4ms Company
    Web Design // Build Team Leader
    Designed, coded, and edited the 4ms website and online store using HTML, CSS, and
    PHP code. Managed the build team, implemented new build techniques, monitored
    inventory, trained new build technicians, and personally build over 1,000 modular

    Animal Traffic
    Web Management // Graphic Design
    Designed and created graphics, logos, business cards, and a web store for Animal Traffic’s
    newest location, “The Annex”. Built and Managed the online store for Animal Traffic using
    HTML and CSS code on Shopify. Designed flyers, posters, web banners, and all other
    promotional material for both The Annex and Animal Traffic.

    Second Floor Productions
    Designer // Photographer
    Created an entirely new brand including a new logo, business cards, and post cards to
    reflect the companies new and growing style. Photographed and edited all rental inventory
    to be displayed in the library. Designed and built a user friendly website using Squarespace
    as a template to showcase inventory and services.

    Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
    Participant for C’mon! Language
    Assisted in the installation of the time based exhibition C’mon! Language by Anna Craycroft.
    Built the “Pollockizer” for Richard Taylors workshop, a contraption that uses the elements to
    paint pictures like Jackson Pollock. Assisted with and documented weekly workshops throughout
    the duration of the exhibition. Led a workshop in the space based on synaestesia and different
    forms of expression.

    Voila Cinematic
    Videographer // Editor // Animator
    Designed and animated commercial segments for new comapnies using Adobe After Effects
    and Final Cut Pro. Filmed and Edited high end movies for upscale weddings and events using
    various DSLR camcorders.

    Center For Guided Montessori
    Videographer // Editor
    Planned and executed the filming of informational teaching videos for Montessori Schools
    using various Camera, Lighting, and Audio equipment. Edited captured footage in Final Cut Pro
    aligning audio, placing cutaways, and adding titles.

    MTV On Air Design
    Designed Timelines, Created Quicktimes, and Researched projects while assisting Producers
    on set with camera and lighting equipment. Assisted with the animation of stop motion and
    live action bumpers for various MTV shows using After Effects.


    The Yoke of Inauspicious Stars
    Director of Photography

    The Palimpsestuary : What Light Remains
    Sound & Videography

    Do You Think That I Think That You're Boring?
    Sound & Grip


    The Final Girl
    The Final Girl explored themes of feminism in the electronic visual age,
    exploiting cinematic conventions of the horror genre, which is notoriously
    known for its ambiguous treatment of the female narrative center.

    2009 & 2010
    Videopolis is a film installation and performance exhibition held annually at
    the Metro Gallery in Baltimore opposite the Maryland Film Festival.


    Big Big Wednesday
    Featured work: We Can't Live Here Anymore

    Featured work: Sloppy Bucket Cartoons